Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Air Purifier 7 Color Change LED Night light

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1, with humidifying function and aromatherapy function, subtle mist can remove static electricity, reduce the radiation of electronic original products, reduce the dust and formaldehyde and other harmful gas pollution in the car; play a protective role on the human eye and skin; light fragrance can ease the mood , Relax; activate a variety of enzymes in the body, promote metabolism and other effects.
2, the manufacture of reactive oxygen species, improve lung function: negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the body, the human body inhaled oxygen negative ions, the lungs can increase absorption of oxygen by 20%.
3, bactericidal function: Negative ion generator produces a large number of negative ions at the same time will produce trace ozone, the two more easily absorbed all kinds of viruses, bacteria, resulting in structural changes or energy transfer, leading to its death.
4, high-grade ultrasonic atomization humidifier, the use of high-quality fog 2.4MHz fog system fine, do not wet the desktop.
5, support for regular functions Standard automatic dry-type water-proof lack of power, there are seven colorful ambient nightlights, and support for color monochromatic light, great contrast indoor atmosphere; suitable for bedroom office reception room Hotel beauty salon and other places.

Product Name:Aroma Humidifier
Color:dark wood,light wood
Mist Outlet Quantity:One
Humidifying Capacity:130ml
Mist Output:35ML/H
Humidification Method:Mist Discharge
Installation:Tabletop / Portable
Package includes:
1X aromatherapy humidifier
2X Filter ( 1 installed + 1 spare)
1X user manual
1X USB Power Cable