Sport Massager Gun

$95.99 $140.00

 The fascia gun uses a 24V high-power brushless motor with a diameter of 55mm, and a dual-bearing rotating structure, which brings strong surging power. The high-speed impact of 3200 rpm can penetrate 16mm deep muscle groups and quickly defeat the generated after exercise Lactic acid, and it runs smoothly and at the same time is as quiet as a light breeze and drizzle, giving you a comfortable experience of hitting the depths of your body.

60W 24V brushless motor
30 speed adjustment

Type: Li-ion --Capacity: 2000mAh
Working Hour: 4-8 Hours Massager

Package Details:
1 * Massage Gun
4 * Massage Head
1 * User Manual

Material: ABS & TPR, Item Type: Massage & Relaxation,
Application: Body, Color: Green,Black,Red
Features : Massager for Body, Deep weight loss shaping, 30-speed adjustment
Giveaway: 4 x Massage Heads,1 x Power Charger

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