6 in 1 Derma Roller Micro needle Kits

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Perfect for Skincare:

The derma roll kit with your favorite skincare product or serum to increase absorption and maximum results.Additionally, micro needling facilitates exfoliation, improves skin's appearance with a luminous look and gives skin a smoother feel.

Safe to Use:

Short micro needles are non-invasive skin, safe and easy use at home. When the micro needle acts on the epidermis of the skin, it must be gentle during the initial operation, and the skin should be adapted from light to heavy, slowly increasing the number and intensity of rolling. How much strength you can bear can be controlled by yourself.

How to use your derma roller ?

Safety First! Sterilize the roller in an 75% alcohol solution before and after each use . Wash your skin and dry completely. Gently roll over skin in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. Pass each area of the skin 4-5 times per direction. Do not roll over the same section more than 10 times. After rolling, apply a moisturizer or repairing serum. Sanitize the roller and let it air dry. Store in the provided plastic case. For optimal results use 1-2 times a week. Replace the roller every 1-2 months if using regularly

Package include:
1 pcs * Body roller head:1200 pins
1 pcs * Face roller head:720 pins
1 pcs * Eye roller head:300 pins
1 pcs * Derma stamp:12 pins
1 pcs * Disinfection Basin
1 pcs * Silicone Brush

Containing 4 replaceable roller heads, 1 silicone brush, 1 disinfection basin and storage case.

4 Different Uses of Titanium Micro-Needling Heads

300 needles for eye, 720 needles for face , 1200 needles for body, 12 needles for topical use. You could switch different roller head according to treatment.

6 in 1 Derma Roller Kit: For Face Body Skin Hair Growth
Microneedle Length: 0.25mm, Material: ABS,
Power Source: None Electric, Type: Derma Rolling System,
Feature: Multifunction Micro needle Roller,
Needle: 12/300/720/1200 Microneedle,
Function: Facial Skin care, Skin Rejuvenation,
Certificate: CE,  Application: For Commercial & Home Use,
Needle material: Stainless steel,

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